Air Racer

Air Racer

The ultimate aviation-themed mini casino game

Fully-loaded Features for engaging Gameplay

Air Racer incorporates state-of-the art game mechanics that allow players to strap-in and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Air Racer - A non-stop thrill ride for all casino players!

Buckle up for this white-knuckle casino game in a high-speed racing plane where the longer the ride, the bigger the wins!

Who’s got the Need? ...The Need for Speed!

With great attention to detail and code optimization, we have crafted a game UI that provides a flawless playing experience at jet speed across all devices.

Certified Technology, Made in Switzerland

Proven technology certified by leading industry test labs, all to make sure that game integrity and player safety is never compromised.

Air Racer Game Specifications

Let’s have a look at the engine. Below you can find full game specifications along with

authority certificates and other important details.

Where to Play Air Racer

Want a test-flight on Air Racer and see it in action? Below is a list of online casinos that offer access to this aviation-themed adrenaline-fuelled frenzy!

Operated by Grand Casino Baden, Haselstr. 2, 5400 Baden, Switzerland

Operated by Casino Barrière Montreux, Rue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Operated by Grand Casino Basel, Flughafenstrasse 225, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

Operated by Grand Casino Kursaal Bern, Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern 22, Switzerland

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